A good sign

I’ve been a freelance editor for three and a half years now; it will be four years come October. You might call me a newbie at this, but I have turned a profit for every calendar year that I’ve been in business except for the first. I’ve also built up a client base and am getting more and more clients as time goes on. I’m definitely where I should be.

This month, I added a new client, which is actually a company, to my freelance business. This week I edited my first manuscript from said company. The manuscript was challenging, yet very satisfying to work on. I worked on it for four days and completed it last Friday. I also completed an assignment from a longtime client during this time.

While I was working on these projects, another person from the company reached out to me with more work, asking if I could take it on. I had to tell them I was booked until such-and-such a date, but I would be more than willing to do more work for them after that date.

Booked? Me?

This has happened maybe one other time in my freelancing career and the fact that it’s happened more than once is a milestone for me. It means that I am in demand. It means that I am getting noticed and people want me to edit for them.

Some of the veteran freelance editors in my professional associations are booked months in advance, and I yearn to be the same way. I feel as if I am on my way to being that much sought after.

Oh man, listen to me blowing my own horn. Pardon me.

I love being busy (what freelancer doesn’t?) and the more people hear about me, the busier I will obviously get. Bring it on! I’m very good at managing my schedule.

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