Never give up!

That’s something that I have heard an infinite number of times and most people have also heard an infinite number of times.

That’s probably because it’s true.

Those of you who know me well know that I have been applying for some editing jobs here and there, hoping to find something to supplement my freelancing income. I find these jobs on LinkedIn, Indeed, and the websites of the professional editing organizations to which I belong.

This past May (not too long ago) I applied for an Editorial Assistant position to a company that works with scientific journals. I was interviewed not long after I applied, and the interview went pretty well. I thought that I had a good shot of getting the job. One of the interviewers told me that the team would make a decision by the end of the following week.

The end of the following week came and went, and during the week after that, I heard nothing. I followed up that Friday, saying that I was still interested in the position and politely asking about the status of my candidacy.

Another week came and went after that. I sighed heavily and figured that the company had ghosted me. I decided that the company just plain didn’t want me and that I should forget about them.

But guess what?

Three and a half weeks after I had the interview, one of the people who interviewed me sent me an email. It turned out that they had selected another candidate for the position I applied for, but they were interested in having me do freelance work for them.

*insert happy dance here*

On July 5, I will start working on editing a paper that was given to me late Friday afternoon by a person who found out about me from one of the people who interviewed me from this company. Another new client is ALWAYS a good thing!

As I said before…Never give up!

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