Here’s what my clients have said about my work:

“Fantastic work!! I am so impressed with the attention to small details, the comprehensive comments, and for correcting small mistakes that can be easily forgotten. Suzelle also does great work with references, correcting formatting, and bringing your attention to any unmatched citation. I used Suzelle’s service several times before, I  will use her service again, and I highly recommend her editorial service to anyone.”

— Nadia F., MD

“Suzelle Fiedler was amazing and was able to help my student assemble a thesis that was written in a clear, concise manner. My student actually learned a quite a bit from the edits and suggestions of Suzelle. I would highly recommend her, especially for her excellent scientific writing skills.”
— Valeria C.

“…[Suzelle] did a great job and the turnaround was fantastic.”
— Millie R.

“We worked with Suzelle on editing over 300 pages of our consumer product catalogs. Suzelle did a wonderful job of providing exactly the feedback, comments and edits we required. She is a wonder at pointing-out grammatical and usage errors, some of which had persisted in our company messaging for years! She also helped re-write phrases or reword captions for clarity and consistency throughout the entire text body. Suzelle was extremely thorough at cross-checking all product prices and item numbers, and pointed out small details like inconsistent formatting, phone numbers, measurement formatting and capitalizations. Suzelle finished the job in a timely manner and we went to press with catalogs that were more precise and polished than ever.”
— Madeline F.

“Suzelle continues to be an enormous help with my weekly projects. She has a real talent for proofreading and an eagle eye for catching typos and other mistakes.”
— Joe W.

“Suzelle has done a wonderful job for me. She has completed jobs quickly and accurately.”
— Christine H.