My list of LinkedIn do’s and don’ts

If you are a freelance editor like me, there is no doubt that you are active on the social media platform known as LinkedIn. (And if you are a freelance editor and you are not, then become active right away!) Everybody on LinkedIn seems to have an opinion on what is and isn’t acceptable on LinkedIn, and the following guidelines are garnered from my own personal experience with the platform. I am sure that others have written their own guidelines; my intent is not to copy them but to give advice based on my experience.

DO participate. Post regularly. And it’s a good idea to comment on more than one post every time you are on LinkedIn. By “comment” I don’t mean just “like.” When you comment on a post, your name and your job description appear on your comment, and this may very well pique the interest of a potential connection or client.

DO keep it professional. I know that everyone else says this, but it cannot be said enough. Please don’t repost cute animal or baby videos, for example. Save this for your Facebook page. (I have read some opinions that one actually should post such things on LinkedIn because it gives you “humanity,” but I don’t agree with that point of view.)

DO connect only with people who have to do with your line of work. I personally only connect with writers and editors; they are most likely to become clients or to refer me to potential clients. I recently got a connection request from an acquaintance of a former friend; this person’s field of work was in cosmetics. I turned down the request.

DON’T try to connect with someone by sending them a message that starts with, “I noticed you have lovely eyes.” I had someone do that to me just this week. CR-E-E-E-EPY.

Hmmm…that’s three do’s and only one don’t. I’m so proud of myself for keeping this post positive.

Do you have any advice regarding LinkedIn?

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