Mission accomplished

I think that, in the freelancing world, it is often good to be a little stressed. That way, the freelancer is continually aware that they are getting work and are sought after.

For yours truly, the week of March 28 to April 1 of this year was just like that.

I edited a short paper for a client, a much longer paper for another client, a booklet for my church, the weekly program and insert (also for my church), and the text of a new web page for yet another client. (To be fair, the deadline for the much longer paper wasn’t until April 4, but I did the vast majority of the editing during the aforementioned week.) Whew!

And l loved doing it.

Still, editing all of that material in the same five-day period was somewhat stressful. I had to plan carefully and triage everything based on its deadline. My daily planner was invaluable to me during this time, as it is during every week. For me, what works best is to break up a more sizable task into equal-sized pieces and work on one piece every day; I also try to leave one day as a “cushion” in case something comes up and (Heaven forbid) I fall behind. (By the way, please don’t use the expression “wiggle room” in front of me. I detest that term.)

I also had to exercise discipline in my work. No doing laundry while I work; that distracts me when it’s time to transfer clothes from the washer to the dryer or remove clothes from the dryer and fold them. No going out for a walk (although the weather that week was freezing for late March/early April in Maryland) as much as I crave fresh air. Getting up and stretching is okay, but not spending too much time away from the computer.

I even worked Monday evening in order to accommodate all of my deadlines. I am a morning person and I don’t like working in the evening, but an editor has to do what an editor has to do.

Mission accomplished! I met all of my deadlines.

So what did I do that Friday night to relax and treat myself? Cleaned the bathroom.

*shaking my head*

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