The calm before the storm

This past week, work-wise, has been “the calm before the storm.” What do I mean by that, exactly?

I mean that next week, a bunch of work is going to be handed to me at once. I will be editing the first of three catalogs for a retail company and editing a church website which is being redone. My goodness–I will have to tell other potential clients that I am booked! (That’s a good problem to have.)

This past week, however, I was in a dry spell. I had finished a client portfolio for the retail company the previous week, plus a little bit of work for the church (a program and a supplement). So, in my dry spell, all I had to was edit this week’s program and supplement, plus a first-time guest card, all for the church.

What to do with all of my downtime?

For starters, I made two bank runs this past week–one for my business and the other for a personal reason. Thankfully, I was able to conduct my affairs both times from the drive-thru.

I also caught up on correspondence with two colleagues from one of my professional organizations. They both emailed me back quickly. Once you make connections, it is very important to keep them. Speaking of that organization, I found three names of new members who live in or near my state and looked up their profiles to try to contact them. I often do this with new members to welcome them and network with them. Sadly, I was out of luck this month, as none of these members had their email address on their profiles. This is understandable for security reasons, however.

I had a few Zoom meetings. I did some cleaning.

I voted in our city’s elections for mayor and aldermen (that is, I filled out the ballot at home and took it to an official drop box).

And finally…(drum roll) I changed my business email address to one which more accurately represents the specific kind of editing I do. And then came the task of changing the address with all of my organizations and social media sites, emailing my clients, and such. It’s a pain in the rear end, but it will be worth it.

Here comes the new week. Bring it on!

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